RocK StocK

by Jennie
(Edmonton. AB.CA.)

Hi there .....

I grew up in the gardens belonging to my Grandparents as far back as I can remember .... which is rather a long time .. back in the UK ...

I used to creep out early in the mornings to help the Gardeners .... I would dead head ... follow them around as I was rather shy and eager to learn what ever I could see ..... like playing ...

I would imagine Fairy dens and Elvin hide outs .... I would closely inspect every color and texture I could find .... and the smell.
I always loved the smell.

Later I came armed with texts, tho I thought they were ordinary books so I could learn more and identify all these wonderful landscape's inhabitants.

No one bothered me and no one interfered.

My own Paradise was always perfect through the Seasons and Seasons we had back then ...... each with its own characteristics and I loved them all ....

I would gather ...... almost anything.

I also had a microscope later on in the summer house that was a worn about cottage ..... I made this my own home and here is where I started my seeds and experiments that mostly went rather not how I planned but it never spoiled the fun.

Later on I would do all the floral arranging for my beloved Grandparents.

Then I was asked to do them for dinner parties .... and so began my life long love of all Nature and the Environment we have so rapidly destroyed.

If you see me on G+ I will be advocating against Tar Sands and Promoting the University of Alberta Gardens I now enjoy with my own children.

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