Home Gardening Tip

If you only do one thing, this should be it

There are lots of thoughts about what kinds of things you should pay attention to when you start gardening.  This is my one tip to guide your journey.

Home Gardening Tip

This one tip can influence your entire gardening life.  It's important to keep it in mind always. 

Things don't happen overnight in any garden. 

That's the main thrust of this tip.

There are seasons, changes in chores to tackle, and different things that need to be done at certain times. 

This is more than just the planting of seeds - it's everything, from building a compost pile, to fertilizing with compost tea, to planting crops to take the place of something just harvested.

If you are too eager to do everything all at once, that's when things can go sideways and you will end up making more work for yourself.

So what's the tip already?  My one main tip is that you have to have patience - that's it. 

When you're gardening for the first time, it's easy to get worried that your seeds won't germinate, that the tomatoes you've planted won't set fruit, or that the compost won't decompose. 

But everything happens in the right time, and provided you've given the seeds everything they need to sprout, they will.  Just have faith in the process.

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