My Wire Compost Bin

by Goddess

Wire Compost Bin

Wire Compost Bin

Wire Compost Bin
Stick Closure

After many years of making compost, I started using this method for building bins to hold fall leaves and then got the idea of making my winter compost in them.

Sometimes I use two bins one inside the other, filling the outer circle with dry leaves to insulate the inner bin. This is a fabulous way to keep your compost pile from freezing solid through the winter.

Many times during the summer or fall I start this type of bin for fall leaves and garden refuse. Hold the ends of the wire closed with a stick, preferably fairly straight, threaded through the two ends of the wire fencing. It's just as quick to take it apart to shovel out the finished (or partly finished) compost to aerate it, or move it.

Lining the wire bin with lumber wrap or other plastic film is optional. I use the lumber wrap that I salvage from our local lumber yard - I prefer the black as it attracts some solar heat, but you can use any kind. This holds moisture in, and also prevents weeds from growing.

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