How to Grow Tomatoes


Tomatoes are probably the most grown type of vegetable - even though they're actually a fruit.

How to Grow Tomatoes

Most gardeners choose at least one type of tomato plant for their garden.  They come in all shapes and sizes. 

They can fit into a pot for the patio, producing a ton of tiny cherry sized fruits for salads.

Or sprawl over half the  yard and continue to produce lots of baseball sized fruits for canning or preserving.

There are two kinds;

  • Determinate (which are also known as bush types) which grow to a certain size, set fruit and ripen it all at once, and have a definite season. 
  • Indeterminate types just keep on growing, setting fruit and ripening over a much longer time.

In fact, they could be termed a perennial when grown in a frost free environment.

They are an essential ingredient for salsa and chutney, and freeze perfectly for winter soups.  Even green tomatoes that don't have time to ripen will turn red and stay that way for months, with the right care.

Tomatoes need two things; full sun, and lots of regular watering.  As the fruits are mostly water this makes sense. 

The leaves are the part that need the sun, sometimes the fruits will even get sunburned.  The leaves will shade the fruit, so don't get too carried away with pruning them. 

The soil is best if it's well drained (of course) and rich, but with dolomite lime added to prevent problems like blossom end rot, a side effect of a lack of calcium.

Whichever kind of tomato you settle on, the flavor of a homegrown one is unmatched. 

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