Hannekes Place Compost Bin

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)

Sturdy and wellbuilt compost bin

Sturdy and wellbuilt compost bin

Sturdy and wellbuilt compost bin
Hannekes Place compost bin

This is one of the nicer compost bins I've seen; neat and tidy, well built and sturdy, and obviously well thought out. Not every compost bin made from recycled materials is as attractive.

This one features a replaceable front, with several boards that can be slotted into place as the pile is filled, and removed when it's well rotted down and it's time to aerate it - or use it on the garden.

Wire mesh allows good air circulation, to prevent slowing of the decomposition. A top can be put over this to keep the nutrients from leaching in high rainfall areas, or to prevent excess water from snow getting into it.

Two or three bins like this give you adequate space to allow one batch of compost to thoroughly age.

Each time you move it over in the course of aerating it with a pitchfork, you fill up the adjacent bin. Then by the time you get to the third bin, it's ready to use.

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