~ My WhY ~

by Jennie
(Edmonton, AB.CA.)

Cree Prophesy

Cree Prophesy

Having grown up with much love and respect for Mother Nature my WhY is easy.

" My tiny spot of Tranquility is my Oasis of Heaven on Earth "

With the onset of harm caused by humanoids who are supposedly so intelligent but in reality are so destructive to Gaia my mind just boggles.

Humanoids are the destruction of everything that was given to us free.

I plant with care and love and my little Oasis responds accordingly.

Surely this could have happened to Planet Earth if humanoids were not so greedy.

There is a Cree Prophesy .....

You can see this as my illustration.

May we all strive to do our part, however tiny.

Be the part of the part of renewal.

I hope it helps ~ Jennie ~ Sound of Wind ~

You can see a 6 part conference that was done in Germany.

My fave parts are all done by Chief Floyd Crow Westerman

Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, also known as Kanghi Duta, was a Sioux

musician, political activist, and actor. Wikipedia

Born: August 17, 1936, Lake Traverse Indian Reservation, United States

Died: December 13, 2007, Los Angeles, California, United States

Education: Northern State University

Spouse: Rosie Westerman (m. ?–2007)

Albums: Custer Died for Your Sins / The Land Is Your Mother

Movies : Most famous Dances with Wolves

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