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Imagine; biting into a tomato or a peach, right out of the garden, still warm from the sun; it explodes in your mouth with a sweet and juicy taste, unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

Organic Garden vegetables
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What can this be?  An organically grown fruit or vegetable? 

It's ambrosia!

But an organic vegetable garden is more than just a place to produce food – it’s also a sanctuary, and a haven. When you're not concerned about contamination by chemicals and pesticides, the stress and worry drains away.

Many gardeners report a feeling of peace and tranquility like nothing else when they’re in their own Garden of Eden. The spiritual side of organic gardening cannot be ignored.

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Sustainability is a huge concept to wrap your head around.

Just because you buy ‘organic’ vegetables at the store, it doesn’t mean they got to your table sustainably.

Apple blossomFruit trees add so much to your organic garden, and not just when they have fruit; the pollen of apple trees is valuable for feeding the pollinating insects

They may have traveled long distances by plane, or in a refrigerated truck.

How is that sustainable?

High embodied energy (the energy it takes to grow, harvest and deliver your food) is an unacceptable side effect of this huge industry. Bring it home, and grow at least some of your own produce to reduce your carbon footprint.

celtic triskeles are symbols of the intertwining of lif

You can be sustainable in other ways too; by producing your own fertilizers – honestly, it’s easy!

Learning how to make black gold out of what would otherwise be taken to the landfill is a fascinating process, even if it is a bit icky.

Once you see the beautiful healthy vegetables that you can produce with it, you'll be hooked.


Beautiful crisp micro greens and lettuce

The to-do list is endless; make compost, plant seeds, make a hot bed, build a window cold  frame, set up hay bales for a hay bale garden...make sure you breathe deeply and smell the garden waking up.

Don’t get sucked in to the hype about buying pre-packaged organic fertilizer; some are brought incredibly long distances by boat from the bat caves of South America.

With the high embodied energy the cost to the environment is too much.

Stick closer to home to find some valuable, and economical alternatives - worm farming is the perfect small scale way to produce some great natural fertilizer; worm castings.

After years of growing vegetables in the Chilcotin, a harsh, arid and high altitude climate, now I live in southernmost British Columbia in Kootenay Boundary country. These two completely different climates lend themselves to unique methods to produce the same crops.

Nitrogen fixing plants are all around - sweet clover is notorious...

With a wide range of experience, I'll help you get started with your organic vegetable adventure.

Whatever your climate, your energy level, the time you have available to garden, and your level of expertise, you'll find out about all kinds of methods to suit whatever your situation is; grow in a raised bed in a community garden, or in salvaged pots and bags on your balcony.

Wherever you can find a spot in the sunshine and fresh air, garden with O Garden and Mother Nature.

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