They're blooming!

by Goddess

June 3 picture

June 3 picture

June 3 picture
closeup of the flowers - who knew they were so fuzzy?
more flowers in bud

It's been a while, but the three plants have grown incredibly.

They all seem happy in their various soil types, and two of them are showing flowers - still in the bud stage, which in itself doesn't mean much.

They will open as soon as warmer days arrive. Bees and other insects need the same warmth to fly, so hopefully those events will coincide. It's also important that there will be no hail or strong winds that will damage the plants. Luckily, tomatoes, for all their fragility, seem to be able to withstand most damage with a nonchalance that has to be seen to be believed.

I lost (or thought I had) three huge tomato plants of other heritage types through frost. I was ready to give up on them, but I noticed that the stem at the base was still green - luckily, I had left them, as they sprouted new growth! I don't know if there will be time to grow and get fruit, but it's early yet, so we'll see.

The San Marzano plants are looking green and healthy, although they keep getting a little crushed if frost threatens, as I cover them with an old curtain for the night. I'll be filling the pot up with soil to get new roots to grow out of the stems - always plant the tomato right at the bottom of the larger pot when re-potting, and fill in as the plant grows.

I discovered that I actually had four of the San Marzano heritage tomato plants - so the forth is now a control. It sure doesn't look as happy as it's siblings, but it's repotted now into some nice compost.

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