Out in the O-Garden

Newsletter June 2016

Longer days roll on up until the Summer Solstice, which this year is June 20 - the full moon will occur then too - which is what it's all about.

Out in the O-Garden Newsletter June 2016

Right now is the best time for growth for garden plants - they need to have enough nutrients to keep that going, smoothly and quickly.  Feed them!

10 Best Natural Organic High Nitrogen Fertilizer

One of the methods for growing organic gardens is to add some kind of wood to the base of your beds.  This adds a moisture sink, some warmth from the wood decomposing, and also good drainage.  It's not an oxymoron.  Try it in a small area to see if you like it;


Earthworms are the movers and shakers of organic soil.  You can never have enough, so build your own worm farm to increase their numbers;

Building a Worm Farm

Lush, nutritious greens, delicate tiny plants; what would the deer like better than that?  It's so annoying when some kind of pest decimates your garden, so protect them;

Garden Pest Protection

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Out in the O-Garden Newsletter.  Stay tuned for more as the seasons change.  See you then!

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