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Newsletter February 2017

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Are you a new organic gardener?  There is so much to know, and it's a lot more than just not using any chemicals.  There are solutions to almost any problem in your garden, without killing off all the wild life and beneficial insects.  The trick is to know when to take short cuts, and when to stick with a program.

Out in the O-Garden Newsletter

Small scale gardening is taking the world by storm.  Finding ways to utilize even a tiny garden space, growing vegetables and herbs in pots, and making compost in compact ways gives even the gardener without a garden the ability to grow their own, organically.

See more about Trash Can Compost - maybe it's an option for your garden;

Trash Can Compost

If you're like a lot of vegetable gardeners, you plant flowers alongside the vegetables.  But did you know there's a good reason for flowers to live in harmony with your veggies?  Find out which flowers are best;

Best Flowers for the Vegetable Garden

What's the one home gardening tip you can't garden without?  It might surprise you to know which one thing is the most important, for experienced and novice gardeners alike.

Home Gardening Tip

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Out in the O-Garden Newsletter.  Stay tuned for more as the seasons change.  See you then!

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