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Newsletter Issue 002 August 2015

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August in the organic garden is typically when harvesting is going full tilt, and the other main task is to keep everything well watered. 

Rain water salvaged in a rain barrel is best, if it's at all possible, otherwise, a black painted barrel to temper the cold well or city water first to take the chill off is second most desireable.

Rain Water Captured in a barrel is best

I've had an interesting project on the go this summer - a hay bale garden.  I'm quite impressed with how well it's working - and the vegetables it's producing.  Find out more about this fascinating gardening technique;

Hay Bale Gardening - Growing my favorite crops

One of the crops most often grown is onions, either from seed or sets. 

They're easy to grow, requiring little more than water and weeding as they don't compete well with other plants. 

So now you have a great crop, how do you keep them for future use?  Here are a few tips;

Another crop that people love to grow is tomatoes. 

However, this is also one plant that gives us the most problems.  The best way to have full and total control over any plant issue is to identify it; use these tips to determine the cause and the solution;

In your garden, especially if you have a pond nearby, you've most likely seen one of the best predatory insects - dragonflies. 

I saw one take a Cabbage White butterfly on the wing, and cheered! 

Find out more about their lifecycle and what kinds of things you can do to encourage them to stay close by;

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Out in the O-Garden Newsletter.  Stay tuned for more around the middle of next month.  See you then!

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