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Newsletter April 2016

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It's started!  The excitement is building, creeks are running, seeds are sprouting.

Out in the O-Garden Newsletter April 2016

I've got a few things started, even though we're still getting cold nights.  Brassicas don't care if they get frozen as long as it's only a degree or two, and some years it's just enough to get a jump on the season.  This will be a tiny little sowing, just to get a taste of it.  I seeded them directly into my hay bale garden from last year.

Hay Bale Gardening

Sowing seeds is one of the best ways to get unusual or different heritage breeds of vegetables.  It's crucial to plan ahead, and start saving seeds so the next generation of gardeners can grow the same varieties that are perfectly adapted to the growing season, climate and weather.

Saving Seeds

Spring is the time to clean out your wood stove.  But what do you do with all the ashes?  Here are a few tips;

Wood Ashes

If your chickens are desperate to find greens, and they scratch your garden up, make them a herbarium to keep them happy;

Chicken Herbarium

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Out in the O-Garden Newsletter.  Stay tuned for more as the seasons change.  See you then!

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