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Organic gardening is one of those topics that attracts great gardeners who speak from experience, and can describe methods and ways of utilizing your ground.

Organic Garden Books

There are lots to choose from and buy - my library shows the full gamut of my interests in horticulture; books on propagation, tomes on landscaping with lots of pictures, organic gardening, permaculture, potager gardens and so on.

I've decided that getting the books from a lending library is all very well, but there is nothing like being the owner of some very useful and inspirational books that you can open at a moments notice any time you feel like it.

It's great to have internet access to lots of information on blogs and websites, but there really isn't anything to compare to holding a real book in your hands and finding out what you want to know.

Here is just a small selection of some real books that are available. 

Here are some organic garden books that I recommend;

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