Grass Clippings for Garden Mulch

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

Grass Clippings

Grass Clippings

If you have a lawn that needs mowing, use the clippings sparingly as a mulch on your vegetables.

Too thick and it makes a stinking, hot mess as it rots down. I've even seen piles of grass clippings catch on fire just from the heat they produce, so it's best to let the clippings dry on the lawn, then go around later with a bagger or rake to collect them.

Then they pose less risk of spontaneous combustion.

Sprinkle them lightly along rows of young vegetables, avoiding getting them too close to the stems.

Crops that love grass clippings as mulch are onions, garlic, herbs and carrots, among others. Test it out on your garden.

If your lawn needs cutting once or twice a week, this will give you lots of grass clippings.

Caution; avoid using grass clippings from a lawn where herbicide has been applied, and also avoid them if the weeds have set seed.

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