Garden Experiments

What Works, and More Importantly, What Doesn't

Gardeners are the most curious bunch, always experimenting with different ways to do things, finding new systems or methods, and trying to find out why some things work better than others.

Garden Experiments - what works, and what doesn't - learn from the mistakes...

Of course, what works in one place might not work the same way in another, depending on the climate, growing season and the different conditions. 

That hasn't stopped me yet! 

I have discovered that even different kinds of water make a huge difference in the way plants grow.  Some prefer rainwater captured off a roof into a rain barrel, others don't mind well water or even city water from a tap. 

One thing that there is in common with all these kinds of water is that in all cases the plants do better if it's tempered, or brought to room temperature or even lukewarm. 

Learning by doing is the best way to really grasp why something works (or doesn't) so most gardens will always be a scientific lab in progress, to determine the best way to do something.

The Hay Bale Garden Project is not without it's own set of issues, but figuring out the solutions is only possible by using the garden itself to tell you what it needs.

This gardening addict has a few interesting experiments going on; find out all about the parsnips and other stories;

And learn about an interesting procedure for growing tomatoes - all year!

Water, or the lack of it is getting to be the number one concern amongst gardeners.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your garden without losing it all (or your mind);

And trying a new growing system can be fraught with peril.  What do you do when your deep straw mulch (which is meant to preserve water) gets rained on, and rained on and rained on?  Build canals, of course!

Plants in the Ground, and Water all Around...

In any garden there will be a few things that you're trying at any given time - some will succeed, others will be a dud, but how will you know unless you try?

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