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Out in the O Garden is all about Organic Gardening - find out tips and interesting tid bits of information to make your vegetable growing fun and easy. 

Learning how to garden without chemicals, pesticides and unnatural fertilizers is not as hard as you think;

The first step is to start composting to make your very own nutrient rich fertilizer. 

Adding this to your soil helps in many ways, by boosting the numbers and quality of the micro fauna that will help your plants to grow, adding organic matter to make the soil more able to absorb excess moisture, while also helping it drain better - whatever your problem, compost will help. 

Now you can learn how to make it, and how to use it on your organic garden.

You'll get tips and hints about how to compost through long cold winters, so you'll have a supply of 'Black Gold' to put on your garden first thing in the spring, or use it for starting your seedlings.

I've done it all, and I love to help others with getting started on growing their own luscious healthy produce right in their own back yard.

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