Best Organic Mulch

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

Best Organic Mulch

Best Organic Mulch

One of the most successful methods of gardening organically is the deep mulch method, made famous by Ruth Stout. She advocates the use of straw mulch, spread deeply across the entire garden.

Never watered except by mother nature, the plants survive just fine under the best organic mulch ever created - straw. Straw is the left over product from grain farming, and used for animal bedding most of all.

There is no seed left in it, as the grain part is harvested, leaving the straw behind. Usually baled, straw is easy to spread on the garden by separating the 'leaves'. These are slices of the bale about three to six inches thick. The gardener can use pitchfork to pick up the pieces and shake the leaves to an even amount on the soil.

Square bales are common, they're usually around three or four feet long, sixteen inches deep and fourteen inches tall. They weigh around 40-50lbs.

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