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by Goddess

San Marzano tomatoes starting to form

San Marzano tomatoes starting to form

Mid August, and it's been dry and hot for what seems like weeks - oh, wait; it has been weeks. Between trying to keep everything watered and happily drenched with compost tea, and keeping cool, it's been a hard summer.

However, without me having to do much of anything, fruit has been forming quite nicely - no blossom end rot (caused by lack of calcium in the soil - fixed that with a dollop of dolomite lime back in July) and the fruit, although not huge, seems well formed.

Mis-shapen and deformed tomatoes indicates that either the weather has been really hot which kills the pollen, or that there were no bees or other pollinating insects flying. Good shaped fruits tells me that even though it felt hot to me, the pollen of the tomato flowers didn't feel the same way.

Partly I think it's due to having full shade through most of the afternoon where the tomato plants are.

Now just to wait until September when the tomatoes start to ripen. There is good weather still in the forecast, so we're in luck - we might even get ripe tomatoes on the vine, unlike what usually happens and I pick them to ripen indoors.

More to follow...

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