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Out in the O-Garden, Issue #002 -- Organic Gardening
February 18, 2014

It's February, and if you're gardening in Canada, you might be wondering when spring will arrive; there are a few good things about lots of snow. One positive is that it is called the Poor Farmers Fertilizer for a reason; Find out more about snow as fertilizer

Starting seeds in a basement window or under lights can give you a jump start on the season; a cold frame made out of old windows helps with the hardening off process once they get to that stage: build your own.

Many gardeners also like to raise a few backyard chickens; it's especially cute to have little chicks raised by a broody bantam hen to amuse and delight us.

Plant some early spring greens like lettuce to ease those cravings; there are many different kinds, some of which can be grown in less than a month. These are mostly sold as seeds under the name 'micro greens' but you can use lettuce seeds, kale, broccoli and many others. Sow them thickly, and cut them instead of pulling them out by the roots. They'll grow more and you'll be able to harvest them several times before the main crop gets going.

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Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist and Organic Gardener

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